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ABOUT US:   We started in business in 1988 when the larger direct response marketing companies were all getting established. 

Direct response television and infomercials were just getting popular and just about everyone was selling or marketing something  in the form of direct response tv offers to half hour, long form or one hour long form ads, also known as infomercials after 1988.  We know and so should you that your chance for a successful commercial, infomercial or movie rests with the product, the budget and how it’s written.  

There is a 5 step formula that we have always lived by. Should you become one of our clients, we would be glad to share that with you. There are some great companies who started when we did. In fact, those companies are still around and we’re glad. What we have not changed is our pricing structure.   You likely remember the teeth whitener shows, the get rich quick real estate programming and other informational tv shows that aired early in the morning or late at night.  While we produced a few shows like that, we can say that none of our programming ever was tarnished by FTC investigations or other problems with federal agencies.  We are a direct-response marketing company that markets products directly to consumers through infomercials, television ads, direct mail, and the Internet.  We’ve also been busy in many other fields of endeavor as we expanded the company to not only change with the time over the almost 30 years, but to gain new talents as well.    Direct response television (DRTV) is any television advertising that asks consumers to respond directly to the company — usually either by calling an 800 number or by visiting a web site.   This is a form of direct response marketing. There are two types of direct response television, short form and long form. 

Direct response television - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_response_television

Direct response television works well for inventors and other entrepreneurs who can't get retail shelf space or whose unknown products would languish on the shelves, according to Entrepreneur Magazine. We highly recommend you read the article and ask yourself the 3 questions they delve deeper into with the article: 

1. Can its benefits be demonstrated?

2. Does it have mass appeal?

3. Is it unique or novel?


Some companies even desire to go public. We can assist you with that as well. Simply email us at MancusoMartinEntertainment@gmail.com

We deliver great programming but that can only be achieved through excellent clients and well-written stories. Since starting in the business of producing commercials, we recognize that history has a way of repeating itself. To be compliant with regulatory agencies, you must bring us a product or service that is ethical and necessary.  We do not accept every product or service that is presented to us for consideration.    We started in direct response TV or television commercials and golf programming and expanded into infomercials thereafter. Today, some almost 30 years later, that ethical tradition  continues as we have as of 2006 expanded to doing movies as well. Now in 2017, the future of the nation and the economy has never looked brighter for commercials, infomercials and movies. If you have a product, invention or service you would like us consider, we’ll be happy to provide a confidential, no obligation evaluation. Phone

(323) 480-4500

What makes our company different from the others:   We have top Hollywood talent in the form of recognized Hollywood Actors, including Nick Mancuso, who has over 300 films worldwide to his credit. So many in fact, that even IMDB does not have every title listed. Our Rolodex is extensive and our experience spans 6 decades. Mr. Mancuso played alongside Steven Seagal  in “Under Siege” and did several TV series on NBC including; “Stingray”, “Matrix”, and “The Firm.” We offer celebrity spokespersons and hosts.    We also have a national radio network that can help you expand your reach and drive your message to TV and create more excitement – Leading Edge Radio Network. www.LeadingEdgeRadioNetwork.com   Allow us to help you write your commercial, infomercial or movie screenplay. We deliver from initial script to tv or movie screen. While no company can guarantee you success,  we will do all we can to help you win.    

PUBLISHING: We also have a publishing division and can publish your book for sale, worldwide in the form of digital online publishing or paperback and hardback if you prefer.  We offer a complete publishing package. Simply call or write and we’ll be pleased to serve your needs. (323) 480-4500   

COST:   Unlike many of our competitors, we deliver far more for a lot less. We’re affordable and we’re also former inventors and understand you have to get this right the first time. Some companies charge $200,000 or even $300,000 or more to film an infomercial. Some companies charge $50,000 or more to film commercials and this does not  include airtime. Our packages not only include consulting and script writing, but also TV airtime on real stations in the USA and also radio spots in the USA and abroad.  We realize every commercial, script, infomercial and aspect of TV is different, so we like to take the time to ascertain your specific needs and goals. We then customize a package that works for you and makes economic sense. You may be surprised how affordable we are and how much we deliver. Our goal is to under-promise and over deliver.  Let us provide you a quote today for your commercial or infomercial by calling (323) 480-4500.    We also have an in-house ad agency and can negotiate the best prices for tv and radio commercial avails, also known as time or spots.

FAQ:    Can you help me write or fully write my commercial, script, infomercial or TV movie? –  Yes we can. We love writing and our writers have written many of the above. It’s what they do best and love most.  

Do you handle back-end services like 800#, shipping and fulfillment etc..?   Yes we do, we can also recommend other who can assist you as well.   

How long will it take to write the script and get my product or service on the air?   That varies but on average we need a week to write your script, up to 14 days to edit and 7-14 days to clear the completed spot for TV.  Radio takes less time and we can clear that in 1 week or less.    

 Testing:   We do supply testing for radio and television and as such, testing will depend on your budget, which can be as little as $5000 or as much as $25,000   

Do you charge other fees?   Yes, charges for tapes to TV stations aka dubs as well as Freight and Postage for those being shipped to the stations.    

Times to broadcast:   Broadcast times used to be a true issue. Now, we live in a 24 hour world with people working different shifts. Direct Response and infomercials have always done best  early in the morning and late at night. Weekends, weekdays and even some Holidays.    

Do I come to your location or will you come to mine?   It depends on the budget and circumstances, along with the talent required. Some commercials do not require on location work, others do.  Movies usually require various locations and infomercials are usually done in our studio unless the script calls for something different.    

With top name talent, why don’t you charge fees like the competition?   We could, but prefer to keep our actors, writers and producers working steady. They love what they do and while everyone has to make a living, they are truly dedicated and less about hitting  singles than hitting home-runs off of one client. We’re here with you for the marathon, not the sprint.    

Mission Statement:   Our goal is to provide the best in ethical TV, radio and direct response commercials and infomercial programming which informs, entertains and makes the lives of the viewers and product users better.  We also strive to provide our advertisers and clients a platform, which will enhance their chances for commercial success. While no one can guarantee a product will achieve success, Our Goal is to increase the odds of success by doing as much as we can to reduce and in some cases, eliminate the greatest risks along the way.  Business ventures do involve risk and no one can guarantee you success or totally eliminate your risk. Be sure to consult those you trust as, “there is safety in a multitude of counselors.”   

Our guarantee to you:    We’ll work hard to provide you the best production possible with top talent hosts and in applicable cases, celebrity hosts. We’ll also get your commercials or infomercials on major TV and radio stations and networks.  If the response from radio is not what you hoped for the first time around, we’ll rework the spot or rewrite if necessary and we’ll run it absolutely free of charge the second time.  No one in the industry will do that for their clients, except us. 

© 1988 – 2019 TV Infomercial Producer and Script 2 TV.com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED           

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Because we own 3 radio networks that reach a national U.S. and International audiences, for a limited time, we'll include 200 test radio spots of 60 seconds each with your tv package at no additional charge to test your product when you purchase a tv test package from us. Simply mention this promotion and we'll take care of the rest. We don't make advertising cost, we make it pay. (tm)

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1 call gets you in the drivers seat. We'll assign a professional to your product, service, invention or idea and we'll do the rest. We'll keep you apprised every step of the way.  

From script concept all the way to the screen, whether it's a radio commercial, tv commercial, infomercial or even a movie; we've got you covered. Call us or write us today. (682) 229-7476 or (323) 480-4500 please leave a message as we are likely editing or in production. You may email us at MancusoMartinEntertainment@gmail.com